Uber for Handyman: 15 Features That Will Skyrocket Your Business

On-demand services have shaped the traditional home service concept in today’s time. Entrepreneurs were faced with a great deal of responsibility during rapid economic change.

Mobile application development services helped the economy when the whole economy shut down by providing apps to solve the problems of food delivery, grocery shopping, ticket booking, and home services.

Take a look at the demand. By 2023, approximately 6.65 billion smartphones will be in use worldwide. It is a staggering number. It gives you an idea of why many entrepreneurs want to create mobile apps for their businesses.

Apps of this type are successful because they deliver the same benefits as traditional methods. You can develop and control your provider’s work through a feature integration. You can also provide your audience with a solution to their handyman software and user-friendly experience. Clone app companies will help you quickly launch your application.

A mobile app is essential for any business that needs to be online. We will examine the key features that have made the Handyman service app popular.

We’ll look at the blog for a handyman app with many features, statistics, and reasons.

Statistics of the Handyman Service Application

According to the report, the number of handyman services app users has increased by 3.8% since 2021. In the future, the line graph may go up by 18.91%. By 2026, we can expect the number to increase to 1,133.40 trillion.

These statistics prove that apps for on-demand handyman services will make more money than ever before.

Let’s now dive into some key features for developing a robust handyman application for your on-demand business.

Three reasons why you will need compelling features for your on-demand handyman business

Here are the top reasons to use a handyman app in your business. Check it out!

  1. It is easier to use and has more features for users.
  2. The admin features and functions streamline work and make it more efficient.
  3. Bringing innovative solutions to the market will help you compete and be a leader in your niche.

Take a look at some of the advantages that handyman apps can provide.

Timely Service – Uber For Handyman app

It has never been easy to find a handyman. We find a handyman, but he does not provide timely services. Handyman apps eliminate these problems, allowing a handyman to provide timely services.

24×7 Services – Handyman App

Customers cannot contact the service agency for immediate assistance. Handyman apps provide 24×7 service to users. Users can use their app to book services whenever they need them.

Ease domestic qualms: Handyman app

Handyman apps are great for minor issues like cleaning your garden or fixing furniture. Experts are needed to fix furniture. Users can use a Handyman application to get the job done quickly.

Uber Handyman Service: The Most Important Features

Cancel and schedule appointments

Convenience is the most important factor when developing an app. Users can schedule and cancel services according to their convenience with the help of scheduling and cancellation features.

These features allow users to schedule their service at their convenience. If users are not at home to receive clothes from providers, they can cancel their service by selecting the cancel option.

Users can book services online in advance. They can book at their convenience. You must include a Cancellation feature to make a full-fledged Uber solution for handyman solutions.

Tips and DIY Tutorials

You can also include videos with DIY tips and tutorials. You can make it a paid option so users can only use the features when they subscribe.

You should include a section in your handyman application dedicated to videos, tips, and tutorials. They can solve home problems with a small DIY video.

You can charge for these videos and give tips on new trends in home decor, accessories, house parties, garden ideas, and other things.

Payment Gateway

Uber, for example, must-have features such as online payments that allow users and providers to view recorded transactions. You can also separate tipping, payments, and overtime pay all in one location.

Online payment methods have been integrated to protect the privacy of users. Stripe and PayPal are two of the most popular online payment gateways. They offer a user-friendly and easy experience.

It is a great way for users to pay in advance. The service provider gets a guarantee of a completed and secure task.

Track through GPS tracking

Once the service has been accepted, users can track provider locations. GPS tracking can be used to track the activity of a provider in real-time. It is possible to be informed of the status of the Uber service for the Handyman app. You can call the provider if they go off-route.

If you plan to launch a handyman app, the tracking feature is key because it allows users to not worry about where they come from or how long it will take.

Rating and Reviews

Positive reviews can make providers happy. If the user is unhappy with the service provider’s work, they can express their dissatisfaction using the Rating & Review feature. Each user should be able to rate their handyman service provider after the work is completed.

This feature is beneficial to both users and providers. The Review & Rate option allows users to express their opinions about a service, and the providers receive feedback on their work.

Search Option

Users expect things to be easy to find when they visit your app. Your users will not stay in your app if it is difficult to use. The search filter should be easy to use for your users.

If a user searches for a plumber, you can create a dropdown menu with all plumbers.

The app offers a variety of domestic services. Therefore, the search feature must include all the filters available for those services. A user can call a handyman in an emergency by simply tapping the screen. They can save time by avoiding the need to search.

A mobile app is essential for any business that needs to be online. We will look at key features that have helped the Handyman service app grow.

The application must have a lot of features to ensure a smooth experience. It’s a bit difficult to meet the requirements to be the best. Many companies offer clone apps to help develop the best-looking application.

Uber is the best choice if you want to know which app will work for your clone script. It is a popular app with many features. Choose your handyman service App after doing research.