Writing a Thought-Provoking Banking Operations Dissertation – From Concept to Clarity

If you are looking for help with writing your banking operations dissertation, you are at the right place! 

The question that arises here is why students find it difficult to craft research papers on dissertation topics in banking operations. As stated in the article Digital Workplace in Banking: The Future of Banking Operations, it is so because traditional banking operations have evolved into a digital banking world, hence increasing the intricacies of working processes.

Global Market Insights show us that the Banking-as-a-Service market shall grow at an estimated CAGR of 16.5% by 2032. It shows the brighter employment prospects for you once you qualify as a banking operations expert from your academic institute. 

The set of guidelines in the article below shall help you craft your dissertation in the best way. Although dissertation writing in this field is challenging, if done in the right way, it can also become a rewarding experience for you. 

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Banking Operations Dissertation Writing Tips – 2024 Edition

If you are feeling much apprehensive about your banking operations dissertations, you are not alone. Know that such dissertations are challenging to complete because the topic choices are so vast and wide, and it becomes hard to pinpoint what your topic is pertinent to. 

However, some of the guidelines can come in handy when you are writing your dissertation on banking operations. Such guidelines and instructions are given below:

1. Choose your Topic Wisely

Picking one suitable title among all the research topics available is a hard job. You should focus on choosing a topic that is: 

  • Thought-provoking for the research community and banking sector
  • Relevant to your discipline and interests
  • Specific enough for the data analysis work

You must also consider your research goals and career options in the banking industry when picking a finance topic for your research. After identifying a potential topic for your work, ask for your supervisor’s views on it. 

2. Check What’s Needed of You

You will be making a mistake if you do not check what is needed of you before starting the writing process. Before starting, read the marking criteria of your papers and analyse the project plan. 

In a nutshell, make sure that you know what is expected of you from your research work. Look for the following details: 

  • The nature of academic writing in your discipline
  • Your word count for the papers 
  • The deadline for the submission of your papers

If you know what is required of you, you shall be able to write in a better way. So, try to make sure that you are well aware of all the writing requirements before proceeding further. 

Also, make sure that you are keeping the latest banking trends in consideration when working on your papers. An example is how Deloitte presents the 2024 Banking And Capital Markets Outlook, as expressed in the figure below: 

Writing a Thought-Provoking Banking Operations Dissertation - From Concept to Clarity

3. Need for In-depth Research

At this stage of your work, conduct in-depth research and include most of the relevant material in the literature review of your banking operations dissertation. Writing a dissertation becomes ten times easier when you have a solid basis for your research. 

Try to get the data from credible sources, and keep track of the sources because you will have to add them to the reference list later. 

  • Make notes about the sources. 
  • Keep the data organised for easy referencing later. 
  • Evaluate the sources critically and make sure they are relevant to your research. 
Provoking Banking Operations Dissertation

McKinsey & Company shows how operations make 15 – 20% of the banking budgets. Your research shall involve all credible sources such as this. 

You must forget to seek guidance from your supervisor throughout the process. Furthermore, you can also seek banking operations dissertation help from experts when the need arises. 

5. Developing a Strong Thesis Statement

Your well-defined thesis statement shall serve as a roadmap for your dissertation. Depending on the banking operations dissertation topics, craft the main research questions and set a clear direction for your papers. 

Your well-structured thesis statement shall guide your entire writing process, so make sure to take your time and fully understand it before beginning to write it. 

  • Try to be focused and specific. 
  • Make your thesis statement arguable. 
  • Your thesis statement must be realistic, and you must know that it is researchable. 

After finalising your thesis statement, share it with your peers and ask for their feedback. When you get the feedback, refine your thesis statement in the light of such corrections. 

6. Edit and Proofread

After working on your banking operations dissertation for a long time, you might feel tempted to end the writing process right when it ends but keep in mind that proofreading is really essential for your work.

To help with the process, follow these tips: 

  • Read the banking and finance dissertation aloud. 
  • Change your surroundings to review your papers with fresh eyes.
  • Try to focus on one thing at a time. 

Once you are editing your dissertation, start by reviewing its overall flow and structure. Check to see that your ideas are presented in a logical manner, and there are no grammatical issues in your work.

7. Get Feedback for Your Work

After making your final revisions, the best thing to do with your Internet banking operations dissertation will be to seek feedback from your board members. What’s more? If you want to get the most out of this process, do not be hesitant to be specific about what you are searching for. 

For instance, you may ask for special feedback on the overall flow and structure of your dissertation on investment banking. If your peers are not up for it, hire a banking operations dissertation writing service. Such a dissertation service shall provide you with timely feedback and review of your papers.

8. Submit your Papers

Once you are done with addressing all the feedback on your dissertation, prepare for the last submission. Make sure that you have finished your dissertation on time; late submission may be rejected by the department, or you may even get penalised for it. 

Ensure you check with your department office for the specific guidelines on how to submit your papers in hard copy. You may even have to submit multiple copies of your papers – check with the advisor for the instructions. 


So, you must follow all these instructions when writing a dissertation on banking operations. Also, keep in mind the instructions of your institution and the department, if there are any. Everything you write must adhere to the writing guidelines of your institute.

Make sure that you have revised your papers at least twice before submitting them to your supervisor. There must be a coherence and logical link to be found in your papers. Further, you must cite all the quotations in your papers per the referencing style recommended by the institution. 

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